Livestrong needed something to get it past the whole Lance Armstrong steroid scandal thing.

The non-profit still helps many people affected by cancer. We decided to refocus the organization
to remind people that Livestrong was never about one person. It was about all of us, joining together
to fight a common enemy. We wanted to tell the world that what doesn't kill you, makes you Livestronger.


People who are a part of the Livestronger community can do their part in cycling towards one million miles by signing up online. People can also track active bikes, twitter support, and city specific stats.

Pre-loaded bike keys are sent out so the riding can begin.

While on the Livestronger bikes, cyclists can map their ride and get family, friends, or strangers to tweet at them to add time onto their ride.

Posters and bike lanes to promote the Livestronger branded bike shares.